Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Satisfaction Of Your Current View Rift Rift

Recently, in Germany, the Rift Platinum MMO romp Head Start is now available from February 23, 2011 at cobweb, was officially launched on 3 March, and the rotation of the Rift sales charts. After his Rift now could try sometimes in detail, we want your opinion about the current fantasy MMO.

The fantasy MMO Rift is the beginning of March 2011 was officially launched in February after extensive alpha and beta of Head Start. Trion Developers Worlds has now been shown to be declared a newcomer who registered for the game than a million accounts, and also start some time out long enough for incoming calls to servers suggest that specific vulnerability Home and success exceeded all expectations. In addition, you will be in the next patch to treat major.

If you look at the now three weeks Telara romp and explore the mysteries of the rift can see, we want to know about you, how satisfied are you so far, Rift and its contents. Below you will find a questionnaire Rift Gold content and mechanics, the interest rate is possible. Thanks in advance for your participation.

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