Tuesday, March 15, 2011

RIFT 7 Beta Patch Notes

Today marks the beginning of the end: the last beta event Rift Gold, which also happens to be the first open beta as well. To start this gala six days, Trion World published second set of patch notes long as the team is working frantically to refine the product before its Feb. 24 lead. New emotes for interface improvements, a little something for everyone here. You can get a dish if you OPERATING're looking for more excitement.

Probably the biggest change of all souls with plenty of PvE 32 souls were tuning and adjustments. Guild features were a couple of bases that the team has added some new benefits and replaced by a number of guild banner. The trio was also carried out the game on Twitter functionality, allowing players to tweet their in-game screenshots and the states of the world. You might want to get some Platinum RIFT if you are looking for more excitement.

And the dwarves always vain, well, it seems that Rift Platinum finally last shipment of Botox. "Midget Man ... does not seem so reluctant newsmakers dwarf seems to have lost probably a few years off your face somewhere."

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