Sunday, March 27, 2011

Rift Eternal Death Cult Site Developers In More Detail

To understand the players and the story of a better place Rift Platinum developer Trion World's blog for more information-management reins of the cult, the Eternal Judge "was released.

Of course, we want to tell you this specific information about the update for the start of the first content in March launched the online game Rift RPG. Developer Trion World's wrapped himself in silence, but for us as new information on the reins cult "The Eternal Judgement (Endless Court) leaves, where they reveal more about the universe and history Todesanbeten. In our gallery, you can also find some new screenshots and two concept drawings Eternal Garden. But we are like that, it certainly has a reason why this fraction more Trion lit before the first major update to appear Rift Gold.

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