Friday, March 25, 2011

Missing You RIFT Apartment Has Been Hacked Di TRION

I followed the issue close enough corny lack official Rift Plat forums this week, and the situation seems worse. accounts are now increasingly threatened by what appears to be selling gold, or if Rift nerdy sell businesses. This morning a member of the Guild IncGamers Nexa connected to retrieve all its leaders had been removed and other pieces of kit, very good way to start your 21 th birthday. (Nexa Happy Birthday!)

More jobs and more are now beginning to appear on the official forums of players with a lack of money and a lot of annoyed by the response time to support tickets. According to players trying to find help, phone support is unable to help you, tickets must be raised. There are reports of tickets up to five days plus a response, and although this might in some exceptional cases TRION now have an entirely different problem to deal with account hijacking bulk. If your account is set aside to pick up your gold and other missing you also lose your character was during the retroactive period.

TRION Day message issued as an official response, but I think they should be reacting with something a little more than one standard support exacerbates the Rift Gold problem.

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