Sunday, March 27, 2011

RIFT-400 Beta Keys Were Distributed

Rift Platinum launched in March - an exciting MMOG worlds Trion and Ubisoft. The game is set in the fantasy world looms, which is on the verge of collapse because of portals to other dimensions are popping up everywhere. This affects the population looms, and the player is found naturally in the middle of these events.

They come to play a small battle.

He loves the traditional mission and a deep history, and more unpredictable than the result of a changing world. A nice place, a moment after being destroyed by demons or cut in two by a tear. Spontaneous demonstrations take place throughout Looms and dynamic keyword. You should be able to influence the evolution of the world, and all this makes the experience unique to each player.

You can either play with friends in one of two groups or fighting against each other in quarrels player against player. He promised an innovative class system that lets you create and customize your character in hundreds of ways.

Do you think it sounds fun? Then we can rejoice with Norwegian media that the only hand on the keys giving VIP access to beta-test things that the fracture in the future.

We have a total of 400 keys, and sent to the first correct answer to this question:

All buttons are distributed. But we still have more to distribute exclusively on Facebook!

Good luck! Keys and Rift Gold directions to start is sent by email.

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  1. During rift platinum events, players gather together to fight against waves of monsters that appear out of the rift in increasingly difficult stages.