Monday, March 21, 2011

Canyons If So Clearly On The Element Of Great History On Dimensional Portals

American trio of Worlds studio to throw its hat ring online role-playing and launch of its huge Rift Gold . Just like World of Warcraft online role-playing classic fracture is based on very familiar with the system.

Rift takes place in the world LOOM, where the god of evil and the dragon régulos is why a number of dimensional gates have begun to put a lot of discomfort. As a player, you must choose between one of two different factions. Can be one of the Guardians, a group of champions elected to the life of the dead and had divine powers, which are struggling to avoid web destruction loom. Or, you can play as one of the Defiant, an alliance of different races understood that rely on technology to give their fans an advantage in the fight against regulators and dimensional portals. Both are, of course, also a bitter history with each other and accuse each other mutually.

I chose to make a provocation, then they asked me if I want to be a warrior, priest, rogue or mage. The game has only four classes, which for a minute, I felt very hesitant, but it turned out that the choice between the two is far from everything. It works because, as each class has access to eight of the single class "soul." They are the ones that define its capabilities and, more specifically, determines its future style. Each character has a space of three different souls who also possible to combine as you want. Would not you be happy to help you choose new souls by visiting a trainer in the game So, after selecting the warrior class, I started playing and got more or less choose my first soul . I chose the Champion, so it was a style of play focusing on the big guns in both hands and do much harm. After about 20 minutes of play, I choose the next soul, and shortly after, my third and last.

Eight of the warrior class is now available in selected parts of Riftblade specialized expertise, and

rupture of platinum can offer various bonuses for himself and his companions.

There is much to say about this system. The first thing that comes to mind is that there is a complete nightmare when it comes to class balancing. With a total of 32 souls, four classes are a combination of great, because I did not even too tired to count them. When the fracture has been released and was a ride there is an immediate danger that players will find combinations of souls who have a significant advantage over others. But it is also the only game in market power itself, which is a huge diversity when it comes to playing style and ability. If you combine that Rogue Bard, Marksman, and Saboteur is a pyromaniac, such as Rift Platinum shooting mine in the heat of the battle to wrest a lute and begins to sing. This is the first time I encountered this category. Always.

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