Monday, March 28, 2011

Rift Guide Cleric Guide - Power Leveling In Rift Clerc

As you know, the Rift Platinum has a new system in place where you can have many sub-classes or souls. By combining different souls together, you can create your character play all the roles you want! It is recommended to develop the soul trees Riverkeeper, shamans and druids, if you take the road to power leveling. But remember to restore the balance with other souls, so you will not all offensive and has no defense!

Once you have the perfect combination of soul, you must go out and find you a quick spawn. A quick lay is an area where monsters recur constantly. It is very important to have the perfect combination of soul when you're grinding on these areas, because if you do not, you would either have to spend much gold on healing items, or die quickly.

You might consider celebrating with a group of people to level up as you play in the rough. Make sure you hire one, healer, tank and DPS characters for your party more EXP.

Learn exactly how the energy needs of your priest with Xerxes Guide

The absolute best way to learn at the fastest way is a step by step guide to upgrade that shows you exactly the best build for your character when you level and what quests to accept plaintiff optimized. If you want all this, I strongly recommend that you consult Guide Xerxes.

This Rift Gold guide includes the best strategies that the elite players have closed beta used to reach level 50 as quickly as possible. Using this guide you will learn exactly how the power of your characters through step by step instructions and screenshots and detailed maps of each step.

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