Monday, March 21, 2011

Division Of The Room

Those who had the taste of Rift Plat this winter in freezing water, you can expect regular season and skate, October 1, promises the director general of the room S? rmarka IKS, Karton Nilsen. At the moment there are only six months in the new ice skating S? Rmarka open, and so far everything is going as planned.

- We'll move from one phase of construction to an operational phase, "said the president by A. Thorbj rnsen in Rogaland Advice?.

Utearbeidet is slightly delayed, because the long winter and the frozen ground, but Karton Nilsson points out that this has nothing to do with the due date.

If funds

Before Christmas, multipurpose room of the critics, not all the equipment needed was a budget. He revealed that the company needed more resources, among other things, to set up ice maker, tidtakningsutstyr, speaker systems and screens of the stadium.

But the four municipalities of the sun itself, Randfontein, Sandnes and Stavanger provided additional appropriations to the room.

- We have money we need to open, "says Nilsen Rogaland Avis.

The reason the room was in need of extra money had gone to the donation and sponsor the crowns did not materialize, but he now says that Nilsson and there is movement on the market.

- We are not far side of the gift, but it seems that begins to dawn, "he said.

The room is also experiencing strong demand for people who are interested in renting both curling and fourth.

- There is a need to use the room. We understand that it is usually organized sports during the week, Rift platinumand open to the public on Saturday and Sunday, "said the Director-General.

When it comes to negotiating a climbing wall, a partner with which to manage this situation.

If Operation Cyber ??cafe

Nilsen and yesterday met with relevant stray coffee attached.

- It is not entirely clear who runs a café, but it looks positive, "he says, and promises to offer a cup of coffee when the hall opens.

The management of the hall has not yet decided if it is open to serve alcohol in special events and closed, and the room will usually mild.

Business Rift Gold have already been rented, and sk? begin to shop and skate rental.

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