Sunday, October 9, 2011

WOW gold will die?

When you will die with wow gold? If you are unfortunate, or do not take any health supplies, you may die as a result of combat. If this happens, you will respawn at your respawn point. This point is generally Lumbridge, but for members who have completed the quest, you may change it to Falador. You change this using the 'Gaze of Saradomin' obtained as a reward from this quest with rs gold. If you have completed, you can also change your respawn point to Camelot.

If you die normally (without a skull over your head), you will respawn at your respawn point, retaining the three most valuable RuneScape Items that you were carrying at the time. If you are using the 'Protect item' at the time of your death, you will retain four items.

Click the 'Items kept at death' button in your 'Equipped' interface to read more about what you will keep when you die.

You will retain none of your equipped or carried items if you were skulled in the Abyss within the last 20 minutes and are 'skulled' at the time of your death. It’s the same if you die while playing

But if you are using the 'Protect item', this Prayer (if activated near the time of death and you have enough Prayer points to make it last until your death) will allow you to keep one more item. However, if you have a penalty countdown active while playing the Bounty Hunter minigame, this Prayer will not work.

NOTE: The value of a Tera Item is not dependent upon the market price. The value is the set price defined by the RuneScape world. You can use the 'value' option on items in the many general stores around RuneScape to get an indication of these prices.


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