Thursday, October 20, 2011

bounce back with eden gold

Aeria Gamesannounced thatKitsu Sagawill be shutting down permanently today, July 14. According to the announcement, Kitsu Saga did not bounce back eden gold st as they expected afteKitsu Sagar they do all the improvements, content updates. Those players who spent AP since May 2 will get a 100% AP refund. Additionally, 10x server bonuses of Loot, Energy and XP will be given out until the servers are completely shuting down. Below is the official announcement with wow gold.

Free Loot Box:

Item Mall Closing: 07/01/2011 @ 3pm PST


07-13-2011 Rift: Marriage Proposal Managed to Make with the Help from Trion

Dear Kitsu Saga Players,

As many of you may be aware, we had high hopes for Kitsu Saga. Unfortunately, even after all the improvements, content updates and additional changes added atlantica online gold, the life of Kitsu Saga did not bounce back st as we had hoped. So despite our best of efforts we are no longer able to support the game.

We will also be giving 10x server bonuses of Loot, Energy and XP until the shut down is complete.

Source:href= target=_blank>Kitsu Saga Official Site

As a thank you to our customers we have decided to return 100% of the AP spent to all Kitsu Saga to players within the last 60 days from today (May 2nd, 2011-July 1st, 2011). However, because of the large nature of refunds, please allow up to Kitsu Saga Shuts Down Permanently July 14th!7-10 business days after July 14th,lotro gold. 2011.

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