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Video left with rs gold

Jb2 Usb Dongle:newest Ps3 Jailbreak Weapon To Play three.60+ Games Right now a PS3 JailBreak 2 v3.fifty five USB dongle from Indonesian Team KADO has long been rs gold rumored to play v3.60+ video game backups according to some Forum user who goes from the identify donald8 followed by PS3 CFW JailBreak 2 and JB2 USB Dongle Updater for PlayStation 3.

Reportedly it allows people to play v3.6+ PlayStation three Firmware titles like FIFA twelve on burned Blu-ray discs, nonetheless, it only lets operating older PS3 video games in the harddrive.

To quotation: I reside in indonesia, and here in my country, you can find a warm rumor about new dongle called JB2 and may perform three.60+ sport burned to Blank BD.. It also even now can perform from HDD...

Dongle JB2 demand us still on three.fifty five (not cfw), utilize the dongle (devoid of electrical power eject), and it will boot the ps3, you then can insert the copied / pirated bd disc. It previously currently being sold and my good friend also the sellers by now verified it may possibly perform FIFA 12 and PES twelve and more recreation coming soon

Curent game:

one. x adult men destiny
2. pes 2012
3. fifa 12
4. sniper ghost warrior
5. driver san Fransisco
6. marvel superhero squad
7. batman arkham asylum
8. marvel vs capcom 3
9. successful eleven 2011
10. warrior legends of troy
11. name of duty contemporary warfare 2
12. homefront
13. nfs shift 2
14. assassins creed 2
15. princes of persia the forgotten sands
16. grand turismo 5
17. medal of honour
18. nfs hotpersuit
19. naruto strom 2
20. resident evil 5 gold edition
21. tiny big world 2
22. bulletstrorm
23. dynasty warrior 7
24. gta 4 liberty city
25. uncharted 2
26. tekken 6


Resistance 3
Disgaea 4
Batman Arkham City

Finally, according to GaryOPA the PS3 JB2 (JailBreak 2) gadget is real and will make it possible for online games that call for the v3.6+ keys to run (like FIFA 12) giving the subsequent demands are satisfied:

Console has to be on PS3 Firmware v3.fifty five (Official Sony Firmware)
PS3 JB2 USB dongle will have to be used
PS3 games will have to be burned to BD-R (Blu-ray) discs

PS3 JB 2 Dongle FAQ

Q: what exactly is JB2 USB DONGLE?
A: the latest Dongle can mainin game2x yg three.60 + by way of BD copy, not a hdd

Q: does the very same with JB just before?
A: various after, so it cannot be used

Q: Whats red rubber JB2 JailBreak2 yg dulu?
A: no, its distinctive, colour yg dongle blue-black, not red

Q: what are the phrases so that you can play this pake JB2?
A: The Offer:

PS3 hrs in fw 3.55
put in some sort of patch for cfw kmeaw, three.fifty five dongle can work
actively playing pirated create game2x pake BD + three.sixty, tp game2x prolonged less than three.60 can still be played about the HDD
Get back and forth Dr. kmeaw-dongle-kmeaw, tp tend not to really need to return to kmeaw krn dongle can perform via hdd for game2x less than fw three.60

Q: you will discover the amount of video game appropriate with yg three.sixty fw dongle?
A: based on the details there may be 33 game titles, whilst there is certainly a different BD tp pirated PES 2012 and 2012 FIFA aja, pirated games some others subsequent the BD

Q: what cost dongle JB2 plus the price of BD bajakannya?
A: the value dongle among 400-550rb and BD copyan/pirated in between fifty,seventy five or below $ 10 based to the location and vendor masing2x

Q: apa aja yg hrs Rituals performed in advance of working with the JB2? by elison007

A: set up dulu cfw 3.55-DONGLE, plug the JB2 trus trus live aja power gan, ga
need a special ritual energy eject, cuman ntar ps3 ngebootnya new minor lengthy deh trus menu2nya sticking her dwelling dimasukin disc wrote.

Q: get on line  to PSN pake this dongle?
A: basenya nonetheless fw three.55, and link for the PSN hrs yg hottest fw at this time in fw three.73, so not attainable to connect the PSN

Q: who can make, regardless of whether dr indonesia?

A: I also don't know, highlight nikmatin aja

Q: Can the street in the least Extra fat PS3/ps3 Slim, the outcomes of an ofw to downgrade Dr. three.55 also can wander this dongle?

A: can walk on all ps3 Fat/Slim, possibly downgrade or not, the result of origin currently in fw 3.55

Compatible titles ama JB2 (BD duplicate) by elison007

PES 2012
FIFA 2012
Drivers of San francisco
God of War Origins
X-Men Destiny
Sniper Ghost Warrior


Resistance 2
Disgaea 2
Batman Arkham City

Below are some preliminary PS3 JB2 exam success from leksetengah and n16htcrawler, as follows:

Test with PS3 slim:

1. update PS3 firmware with dongle firmware (this really is new / modified CFW / 3.55)
2. flip off ps3
3. put on usb dongle
4. turn on ps3
5. insert duplicate game
6. perform from BD icon in XMB


1. Cant perform with unique recreation / higher firmware require (Ive tried out pes 2012 unique sport , but update software wanted)
2. You still can play from exterior HDD as ussual.
3. Cant back up copy sport with multiman.
4. Cant perform copy game without dongle.

Available games:

Fifa 2012,
Pes 2012,
Driver san Fransisco,
God of war Origin,
X-men Destiny.
Sniper ghost warrior

What you'll need to accomplish is:

Make certain your PS3 firmware is 3.fifty five below
Update your PS3 OFW or CFW with new a person (i will present with burning disc).
Really need to go recovery mode to update if you from three.55
Immediately after update entire flip off ps3
Place your usb dongle
Activate ps3
Insert bd duplicate game
Play from bluray icon from xmb

Available video games:

Fifa 2012
Pes 2012
Driver san Fransisco
God of war Origin
X-men Destiny
Sniper ghost warrior


USB dongle is $90
BD video game is $10
Shipping charge: send out me your nation + city and postal code, i will inform you later

JB2 USB Dongle
Dongle Updater v1.0

In purchase to perform this recreation disc, both equally your PS3 and dongle should be up-to-date. Immediately after the method has finished, your PS3 will be jogging process software model 3.55.

After the update, your PS3 can have new functions offered and can retain compatibility with all prior computer software, having said that, you will be not able to revert either your PS3 or even the dongle to an earlier software edition. For those who do not would like to use these updates, then you certainly will be unable to employ this video game disc.

Do you must commence using the update? The initial phase will update your dongle.

Following the first phase has finished, get rid of the disc as well as PS3 will restart.
Re-insert the disc, and at the time once more operate the "Updater" computer software through the disc.
This time you may be told that you just ought to update the PS3 method software program.
Pick "OK" and after that follow the on-screen directions.
The moment the process software package update process has finished the PS3 will restart buy rs gold, you will be on firmware model 3.fifty five therefore you may perhaps then load this game disc. Updating dongle..

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